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What Not to Pack for Spring Break

Spring break is one of the much anticipated times in any student’s life. It is the time to relax, enjoy, drop the schoolwork and unwind. However, unwinding means a lot of things, especially if you have a vacation trip planned. Inertia Tours has been planning spring break vacations for years and commonly sees that students don’t know what to pack or leave.

The tour provider has deeply dived into what not to pack for spring break vacation. This guide will make your bag lighter and help you experience the most of your next vacation.

Things you Shouldn’t Pack for Spring Break

Don’t Pack all your Shoes

Shoes are an important accessory. However, many people overestimate their need for it during spring break. Don’t get it wrong; you need some shoes. However, you can’t possibly wear all the shoes in your closet during the break, so it’s best to pick and select only a few.

A great way to reduce your spring break luggage is to choose two or three pairs of the most versatile shoes in your wardrobe. You can also select the shoes based on use and type. For example, pick one pair of comfortable walking shoes, one pair of flip-flops, and one pair of fancy shoes.

Cutting your shoes to three pairs will significantly lighten your luggage and meet your spring break needs.

Ditch the Heavy Sweatshirts and Coats

Heavy sweatshirts and coats are often not needed during spring break. However, they may be an essential part of your luggage if visiting colder regions like Alberta, Canada.

If you’re generally planning to visit a warm vacation destination, you don’t need heavy sweatshirts and coats. Take them out of your luggage and keep them at the back of your wardrobe. Instead, pack light to reflect the warmth and sun.

This can significantly reduce your luggage’s weight and create more space for other items.

Take out the Curling Iron and Hair Straightener

Curling irons and hair straighteners have sentimental values attached, especially for people whose daily routines involve them. However, you can be sure to find them at your destination. If you don’t, take it as a sign to give your hair a break while on a break.

Besides, you don’t want to break the fragile equipment due to mishandling at any point during your trip. You’re better off without your curling iron and hair straightener for some days – you can do it.


Everybody that loves to look clean and fresh will instinctively pack toiletries as part of their vacation luggage. However, they often forget that those items are often universal and available at their destinations.

You can effectively save space and reduce luggage weight simply by ditching your toiletries and buying them at your destination. Think of items like shampoos, body lotions, body wash, etc. Take them out and buy them at your destination.

Doing this can also save your clothes and other items from getting messy – especially when any of those lotions/liquid items burst or crack due to mishandling.

More Swimsuits than Needed

You need two to three new swimsuits for your spring break experience. Packing more than three swimsuits could take up more space than you need for the trip.

Consider it this way; you can wear one, dry it and wear the second. The rotation can keep going until you leave – or you could use the third one when wardrobe mishaps or stains occur.

Pack three swimsuits to clear up space for other items and make your luggage even lighter.

Pool Towels

Comfort towels are bulky and can take up a lot of space in your luggage. Packing any towel – including pool towels is unnecessary. It’ll only take up more valuable space in your luggage and make it heavier.

Save your pool towel at home, and rest assured that you can buy another or use the ones provided at your vacation rental. Imagine packing towels for a group of 7; that’s enough luggage space to pack for an eighth group member.


One of the biggest reasons you aren’t relaxed after your spring break trip is that you packed your homework. An excellent tip is to clear out your homework before leaving on your spring break trip or at least map out the strategies to complete the homework upon your return.

Having the most fun during spring break can help reset your mood and clear your thoughts. It can also prepare you for the task ahead, giving you improved clarity and a wider scope to address your assignment.

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