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What Makes a Roofing Contractor a Good Choice?

Hiring a reputable Woodbury roofing company has many benefits. First, you enjoy peace of mind. Other added benefits like correctly installed roofs, warranties, and guarantees are also thrown into the mix. But how does one hire a professional roofer, and what makes a roofing contractor a good choice?

Below is a roofing contractor hiring guide to help homeowners find and hire the best people for the job.

What to Look For In Your Roofing Contractor

Years of Experience

One of the more often overlooked factors when hiring a professional is their years of experience. Roofing contractors or companies with years of experience are likelier to have seen it all. They understand the possible setbacks they may face during projects and how to tackle them. They are also more likely to have deployed better approaches to projects and project management, allowing them to complete the task quicker and with better results.

Their years of experience in the industry are also a guarantee that they know their stuff. One would expect a cowboy roofer to have fled the town or closed shop after a series of bad roofing jobs.

So, when hiring a roofer, consider how long they have been in business as an essential hiring factor.

Licensing and Insurance

Licensing is another way to confirm that the roofer or roofing contractor meets the minimum quality and training standards. While you shouldn’t make decisions based on licensing alone, you can rest assured that the licensed roofer knows their stuff. Again, licensing should be the minimum pass mark for a roofer to be considered for any job.

Insurance is also an important part of the selection process. As roofing is dangerous with chances of falls from height, ensure that the roofer has the right insurance policy. For starters, the company’s insurance should cover liability on the job. It should also cover any damages to your property during the job. Failing to consider the insurance coverage can put you in a tight spot, especially if any roofer is hurt or the job doesn’t turn out satisfactorily.

Reviews and Past Work

Your roofer is only as good as their past roofing projects. Looking back at what the roofer has done in the past can give you a better idea of their competence and skills. You can also pair this with reviews from past customers. Reviews help you understand how the roofer treats customers in terms of project quality and delivery, service quality, and pricing.

Roofers with bad reviews are a red flag that you must avoid. Instead, look for roofing contractors with excellent portfolios of work done and great customer reviews. Even if they have a few bad reviews, look for the company’s comments and whether they have offered a solution or alternative to appease the customer.

How They Handle Unsatisfied Customers

Asking lots of questions before signing the dotted lines is a great way to know if a roofer is a good fit. One of the most important questions to ask is how the roofing contractor proceeds when you’re unsatisfied with the project outcome. The answer can help you understand your choices and whether they are your roofer.

Some roofers may offer to come in to fix the problem without cost; others may offer you some form of arrangement, especially if you don’t want them working on your roof again.

You may be better off with companies that only accept payment after the project is satisfactorily completed. With this arrangement, you can be sure of the best outcomes for your roof and home.

How They Handle Unplanned Repairs

It can be heartbreaking to experience roofing problems months after installing or replacing your roof. Such problems are unplanned and can make you question your hiring decision. However, good roofing contractors are always up to the task.

An excellent roofing contractor will guarantee their work, allowing you to call back within a certain period to enjoy free repairs.

While you and the roofers will hope not to have such an issue based on the quality of their work, it is relieving to know that your roofer has the plan to cover the problem.

Ask About Financing and Flexibility

Not all homeowners can afford the full cost of a new roof installation or replacement. Asking the roofer about their financing options and flexible payment schemes can go a long way. Flexible payments help you spread the roofing cost over an agreed period, thus putting less pressure on your finances.

Ask about the financing rate and any penalties for early repayment. You should also have all agreements in writing before signing the contract.

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