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What is Computer System?

A computer system is a set of hardware, software, and user data. There are many types of computers. Learn about Mainframes, Minicomputers, Embedded Systems, and the Internet. To learn more, visit Wikimedia Commons and browse through related media. You can also learn about the history of computers Malavida.


A mainframe computer system can process a huge amount of data in a short amount of time. This technology is used by many industries, government agencies, and private enterprises. Mainframe computers can run for 50 years or more when installed properly. They are also very reliable, with the ability to self-identify and repair bugs Cloudvents.

A mainframe computer system has a main memory and several high-speed processors. There are also multiple buses for different devices in a mainframe computer system. The CPU and other devices are linked to a storage unit area, which performs various tasks. These devices are controlled by the CPU, and the total storage capacity of a mainframe computer system is one million times higher than that of a PC. Several processors in a mainframe computer system are necessary for it to function properly, allowing it to handle massive amounts of data and to deal with errors and interruptions magazine999.

The IBM zEnterprise System is the latest mainframe technology. It has the most powerful processor cores in the industry, with up to 96 cores per machine. It also has up to 3 TB of main memory. It consolidates heterogeneous workloads and uses less space and power than conventional servers.


A minicomputer is a computer system that has several advantages over its larger cousin kingnews33, the mainframe computer. For one, they are smaller and less expensive, and can be used by many users simultaneously. Moreover, they are easier to transport, which makes them an ideal choice for small businesses. Furthermore, they can be used to perform many tasks, including inventory control, process control, and correspondence.

The first minicomputer was the PDP-8, a 12-bit computer developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). The PDP-8 was a breakthrough system because of its small size and general-purpose orientation. In addition, the first PDP-8 cost about $18,000 at launch. Its low price and general-purpose orientation led to a boom in the production of minicomputers hitwe.

In terms of power, a minicomputer is a lot smaller than a mainframe. However, it still has the same capabilities. It can process a huge amount of data and can do many calculations quickly. Minicomputers are commonly used by small businesses and organizations for basic tasks.


Embedded computer systems are part of large, complex automated systems. These systems are often subject to frequent changes and modifications. This means the embedded computer’s software must be updated regularly in order to keep up with the changes. This often causes overwork in the system because its cycle time may not be fast enough to accommodate the additional work.

Unlike general-purpose computers, embedded systems are preprogrammed to accomplish a specific task. They can be portable, and can use less power than larger systems. Despite these advantages, there are some disadvantages of using embedded systems. In some cases, embedded systems are used as a fallback option for a company that needs a quick and reliable computer system. In the event that these systems do not meet expectations, an alternative can be designed.

Embedded computer systems can be found everywhere from cell phones to ATMs to printers to video game systems. These systems are used in everyday life, but the list grows much longer in the industrial world.


Internet is a computer system that allows computers around the world to communicate with each other and share information. Its biggest service is the World Wide Web (www), which hosts information about almost everything. People access the information they need using search engines. Until recently, there was no single entity that controlled the Internet. Nowadays, millions of computers are linked together through this network.

The Internet is made up of many parts. Clients and servers are two important components. Clients are computers that are directly connected to the Internet, while servers are computer systems that are indirectly connected to the Internet. Client computers send requests to a website server, which then stores and retrieves the data. This data is then sent back to the computer.

Hypertext is another key component of the Internet. This technology facilitates instant cross-referencing between web pages. Hypertext appears differently on a page than the rest of the text, and is usually underlined. When a user clicks on it, he will be taken to a related site. This technology also allows for the use of buttons and images as hyperlinks.

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