What are the 4 chords that play any song?

The four chords that can play any song may come as a surprise to many musicians, but it’s true! By using just four simple chords, you can play a vast number of popular songs from various genres. These chords are known as the “four chord song progression” and they are as follows: I, IV, V, and vi Tablature Guitare.

The I chord is the root chord and is usually the tonic or “home” chord of the song. The IV chord is the subdominant chord, which serves to establish the key of the song. The V chord is the dominant chord and provides tension and energy to the song. The vi chord is the relative minor chord, which adds a touch of melancholy and depth to the song.

By using these four chords in various combinations, you can create an endless number of song arrangements. For example, the progression I-V-vi-IV is used in many pop and rock songs, and is famously featured in The Axis of Awesome’s “Four Chords” video.

It’s important to note that while these four chords are extremely versatile, they may not sound good in every song or in every key. However, by playing around with different chord progressions and keys, you can discover new and interesting ways to use these four chords.

In conclusion, the four chords that can play any song are a powerful tool for any musician, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player. By learning these chords, you’ll have a foundation for playing a wide range of songs and can continue to build upon that foundation as you grow as a musician.

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