What Are Karlie Kloss’s Most Successful Investments?

Karlie Kloss is an American model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has made a number of successful investments over the years. Some of her most successful investments include:
1. Away: Kloss was one of the earliest investors in Away, a company that produces stylish, functional luggage and accessories. vegamovies She has since become a board member of the company.
2. Glossier: Kloss was an early investor in the popular beauty and skin-care company Glossier. She has since become a board member of the company.
3. Uber: Kloss was an early investor in Uber, the ride-hailing company. She is also one of their advisers.
4. Framebridge: Kloss was also an early investor in Framebridge, a custom framing company.
5. Kode with Klossy: Kloss is the founder of Kode with Klossy, a coding camp for girls that teaches coding, computer science, and technology.
6. TheSkimm: Kloss invested in TheSkimm, a mobile media company that provides a daily newsletter and mobile app with curated news and entertainment content.
7. Zola: Kloss was an investor in Zola, a wedding-planning company.
8. Billie: Kloss invested in Billie, a company that produces high-quality razors and shaving products specifically designed for women. These investments demonstrate Kloss’s commitment to supporting innovative companies and her desire to help women succeed in the tech and beauty industries.

Karlie Kloss has leveraged her net worth to further her career in numerous ways. She has used her financial resources to build her own business, Kode with Klossy, a camp that teaches girls computer coding and coding languages. She also founded a scholarship program, the Karlie’s Kookies Scholarship digitalnewshour Fund, which provides financial aid to low-income college students. Additionally, she has invested in numerous other businesses, such as the lifestyle and wellness brand, The Glow. Another way that Karlie Kloss has used her net worth to further her career is by investing in herself. She has purchased personal branding and career development courses, as well as hired coaches and mentors to help further her own odishadiscoms professional development. Karlie Kloss has also used her net worth to fund her own projects, such as her YouTube series, “Klossy,” and her self-produced short film, “1000 Days.”

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