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Top Types of Massage and Their Health Benefits

Massage, in addition to helping the body relax. There are also several health benefits. Getting to a spa or massage parlor can be tricky for those who have never received a massage. And may take time to decide, so before getting any massage. You should learn about different types of massage to receive the service that best meets our needs. Vibe-City provides all kind of services. Let’s get to know all forms of massage.

How many types of massage are there? What are the differences between each type?

Massage is a science of body care that is popular all over the world. In Asian and Western countries, each massage type has its unique technique to create relaxation in different ways. At present, new forms of massage have been developed. To be able to provide relaxation or help reduce various body aches—more of the individual.

Sports Massage

For professional athletes who train hard and who love fitness aficionados. Sports massage is a way to increase your training potential. It helps recover the body from injury and improves the flexibility of the body as well.

Sports massage can take many forms. It will not focus on creating relaxation. But it will help maintain strength and increase flexibility in the muscles. If you want to take complete care of your body, you can choose a massage that focuses on massage along the energy line or the Prasat Sib line. This type of massage will increase concentration for athletes and help restore muscles, refreshing them more energetic.

Nerve Touch Massage

Massage or massaging is suitable for people with chronic muscle pain or pain at specific points by body part. The therapy will focus on massaging the muscles to stimulate blood circulation. Makes the blood supply to the muscles in the pain area better. Alleviate pain and create flexibility for the muscles, helping maintain the muscle knot in the long term.

Prenatal Massage

Expectant mothers can customize massage services according to their needs with the advice of a doctor and choose to receive services from reliable service providers, however, for the safety of the mother and unborn child. During pregnancy, 1-12 weeks, massage is strictly prohibited. Because it may be at risk of miscarriage. Your all needs will found in Vibe-City.

During the massage, you may have to take off some clothes. It depends on the area you want to massage. Mother’s massage will help alleviate the pain. Reduce stress and balance the body and mind for the excellent health of mothers and babies in the womb.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage uses a technique similar to that of a Swedish massage. Instead, hot stones will be used to enhance your relaxation. The heat from the stone will help loosen tight muscles from stress. And stimulate the functioning of various systems in the body, including the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It also helps relieve stress, make you feel light and comfortable, and can help eliminate negative emotions.

During the massage, you must remove your clothes and wear only your underwear because therapists may also use hot stones placed along the spine, palms, soles and stomach, and cold stones.

Office Syndrome Massage

I sat at a computer screen for more than 8 hours a day. It may cause muscle spasms to accumulate continuously. Until causing chronic pain that is difficult to treat. It will help relieve fatigue and help stretch muscles around the back, shoulders and neck effectively.

RLAX provides office syndrome massage services by experienced therapists trained in the office syndrome massage program. Vibe-City therapists are ready to provide massage services at home, office and condo so you can relax your body from hard work anytime.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage It is a reflexology massage based on Japanese energy lines. It aims to restore balance to the body and mind by stimulating the flow of life force. This can create relaxation, helps relieve accumulated stress, and improve headache and migraine pain.

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