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Raw Diet for Dogs? How I Made the Switch

You don’t want to continue feeding your beloved dogs food from a chemistry lab, and you are probably scared of attempting to switch. You may wonder if the dog will choke on the bones; your concerns are valid. Like every living being, dogs need some enzymes and amino acids to live a healthy life. You can easily find those nutrients in a raw balanced diet for dogs.

Transitioning from kibble to dry food may seem overwhelming, especially for a dog with an established diet. Understanding the benefits of raw food to your dogs will help you see its worth. Contact momentum k9 if you need reliable at home dog training services.

As you read this article, you will understand how I switched my dog to a raw diet.

Transitioning To Raw Food

You must understand that your dog may not just jump at the chance to feed on raw food. They may be accustomed to their usual dry food, and on seeing raw food for the first time, they might turn their nose up because they do not recognize it as normal food.

Raw food feels different, looks different, and doesn’t have the same strong smell as kibble. What causes the difference in smell is that the kibble manufacturers spray their foods with aromatic flavors to persuade the dogs to eat.

Be patient with your dog during the transition. Understand that the change is difficult for the dog as it is accustomed to a specific type of food. I gave mine approximately two weeks for a complete transition. The transition rate depends on the dog’s weight, age, and activity level.

I enticed them by making their food with a sprinkling of their best treat: cheese or an egg. I also put canned sardines in the water, goat milk, bone broth with low sodium, and other flavors to improve the dog’s appetite.

You can try searing the meat lightly for it to have delicious aromas, then with time, you can slowly withdraw the searing until your dogs get used to eating their meals fully raw.

Consider the idea of introducing raw food gradually for ten days. You begin by adding only 25% of raw food to the feed and letting them have the other 75% as their regular dry food.

Keep increasing the amount of raw food by 25% every couple of days.

Follow the schedule below.

  • From day 1 to day 3, let them have 25% raw food; the other 75% should be their usual food.
  • From day 4 to 6, you can give them 50% raw food; the additional 50% should be dry food.
  • From day 7 to day 9, they can have 75% raw food, and 25% can be their previous food.
  • By the time they get to day 10, they should have gotten used to the food to the point they can have 100% raw food.

Is a Raw Diet for Dogs Worth It?

Yes. Feeding your dogs a raw diet is worth it, as it has many health benefits. Unlike dry food, raw food is more natural and less processed. If you feed your family a healthy diet, doing the same with your beloved dog is only logical.

Here are the health benefits associated with raw food;

Strong Immune System

The body’s defense system is responsible for fighting any infection, and keeping it strong is very important. Raw food consists of a complete and balanced diet. Your dog can easily digest and absorb the natural nutrients.

For instance, when your dog eats raw meat, they have consumed essential proteins that act as a building block for immunity and good health.

Superior Joint and Bone Health

Your dog needs calcium; real bones are the best source of phosphorus, calcium, glucosamine, and marrow. These essential components increase bone density and improve overall bone health.

Softer, Shinier Coat and Improved Skin

Raw diets have many ingredients, each with essential components supporting coat health and skin.

An example is omega-3 fatty acids which provide anti-inflammatory properties to help dogs with allergies. Omega 3 fatty acids improve moisture to the dog’s skin and coat while simultaneously reducing itchiness and shedding.

Enhanced Reproductive Health

In a study conducted in 2019 with Queensland guide dogs, it was evident that the dogs fed with a 100% raw diet greatly increased the number of dogs per litter.

With a raw diet, your dogs will reproduce very health puppies without a struggle.

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