Plastic surgery and patient safety

Patients or recipients of surgery should be at least 18-20 years old and have physical and mental health appropriate for the desired procedure. a doctor or surgeon Must have knowledge, experience, or be a card-approved expert. Diplomas certified by the government to perform procedures in each specific group only.

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Procedure Each type of procedure must be recognized with international standards. It is not an experiment or a scam and must be suitable for the patient or the patient in the procedure.

The procedure site must be safe according to the standards of Government or related organizations in allowing each group to perform the procedure with tools Trained equipment and personnel Ready to help, resuscitate and refer in the event of an emergency. Currently, there are doctors who have graduated and have spent all their funds. but still unable to apply for training as an expert in any field One branch can get about 800-1,000 people and it’s more likely. To turn to cosmetic medicine practice Beauty enhancement creates competition to survive, both by using marketing and advertising that violates the rules. Not afraid of the law, lack of ethics medical and does not take into account the safety of patients or service recipients. Encouraging general practitioners to work in the field of medicine beauty using national strategic reasons who want Thailand to be a medical center Aim for regional excellence (Medical Tourism/Medical Hub of Asia/ Excellence Centre) or perhaps for fear of losing the opportunity to compete with other countries trying to be the center in medicine and cosmetic surgery Until the need to increase, promote or produce doctors by using a short training course (Short course) and issuing a certificate through the training. Even though it still needs to be carefully interpreted Maybe it’s the only weakness that causes quantitative competition. but neglect the quality of personnel. In reality Proportion of people who travel to receive medical services or medical tourists, which generate income both directly and indirectly 140,000-200,000 Only 10 percent of the million baht per year is generated from cosmetic procedures.

Boosting And producing doctors in cosmetic surgery by using a short course and issuing certification has been criticized by the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) concerned that it would make the safety of patients more vulnerable. In addition, those who will travel from abroad to receive this service in the future would be skeptical of the overall standard of physicians who perform these procedures at the relevant government agencies Sending the wrong signal to the current doctor and doctors who are graduating in the future may change face or have a negative impact to the medical and public health system of Thailand, especially encouraging doctors to choose to work in the field of beauty which do not have to work hard but with good compensation instead of choosing to work in the field of treatment and promotion public health or family medicine as set by the Ministry of Health goals in addition may also have an impact on the Thai people as a whole because when there is a promotion of beauty among the people through the production of more doctors in this field It is inevitable that there must be advertising, marketing and all-dimensional motivation for people to use the service. to the point of intoxicating the public to be concerned only with your own appearance Instead of spending time and opportunity in matters that are appropriate and necessary for the development of the nation, the safety of patients and service recipients. is the number one priority

 International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or ISAPS (Inter national Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) focuses on The safety of patients and surgical patients is the number one priority and emphasizes on the members of the association. who is a trained plastic surgeon and has always been certified by a government agency that the patient or recipient should not be at risk of death or serious complications resulting from surgery. By taking into account four main factors as follows:


  1. Surgery or procedure Must be appropriate for the patient or the recipient.
  2. Patients or recipients of surgery Must be in good physical and mental health suitable for the surgery
  3. The surgeon must have expertise in the operation or procedure. and certified by a trusted government agency
  4. Hospitals that provide surgery services must be safe, have personnel trained to operate. and tools ready to take care in case of emergency

In the case of an incident that occurred in Lampang province in October 2017 in which a recipient of breast augmentation surgery in a clinic have complications until having to be taken to the hospital and later died It appeared later that the person who performed the surgery Not a doctor, but just someone who has worked in a medical facility and remembers the surgical procedures for practice. Including may have been taught or trained for a short time according to the course that has been taught without strictly checking the qualifications of the participants that they must be doctors only, even if the recipient is a healthy person. Breast augmentation surgery is a safe and popular procedure in every country nowadays. But the person performing the back surgery is not a qualified or certified surgeon. Government agencies have confirmed that they are not allowed to operate. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that it is safe. or have personnel and tools that are ready to provide surgery services

It is worth noting that Such clinics are not allowed to operate. Therefore, I turned to using marketing plans, including advertising Reducing prices and offering various promotions to persuade people to use the service with a very low service fee. For example, in this case, the rate is only 35,000 baht, while the service fee from a general hospital is higher. to at least equal Only this can be deduced that Operators must try to keep all costs as low as possible. will generate profit This includes compensation for the doctor performing the procedure. Must have a low price as well, so I have to hire a doctor who does not have the expertise to work. while the alternative method of anesthesia is used that is less expensive. to avoid hiring an anesthesiologist Not to mention the other personnel involved in the operation and the tools that must be prepared in case of an emergency. How ready is it? Finally, there will be a loss. and also the grief and suffering of the deceased’s family Therefore, it is the duty of the government agencies to strictly control the surgical services in all dimensions, including the public to be aware and seek information from reliable sources. Have judgment in choosing a surgeon and choose hospitals more carefully In a situation where many physicians lack ethics, neglect the teachings of medical precursors. sake personal before common interests

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