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Medical Escorts: Your Air Ambulance Alternative and Low-Cost Medical Flight Option

Medical Escorts are freelancers who are self-employed or employed by an air medical transport company. They are dedicated to offering non-emergency medical services. For instance, if a tourist falls sick in a foreign land, a medical escort can be hired to escort him home. To understand medical escorts: your air ambulance alternative and low-cost medical flights option, it is essential to know how they relate.

Medical air transport services offer an excellent alternative for moving patients who qualify for air transit, and it may be cheaper than you think. The patient must be stable to sit during take-off and landing and shouldn’t need much oxygen support. Depending on the agreements and arrangements of travel, the patient can fly first class, business or commercial, but under the constant care of a medical escort. Air ambulance is a fast alternative to move critical patients from one facility to another or close to loved ones.

What is an Air Ambulance?

Air Ambulances, also known as Medivac services, transfer patients who need emergency services but cannot travel using ordinary means. Air Ambulance is necessary for several reasons;

  • The convenience of a private air ambulance
  • Transfer back home after a vacation
  • The need for a higher level of specialized medical care

The patient mainly needs IV fluids, oxygen, and general medical monitoring during the transfer. In severe cases, some patients are on a ventilator. Air ambulance is well-equipped and staffed with professional medical flight personnel to attend to patients as required until they reach their destination.

A patient doesn’t have to be in a critical condition to use this service. Patients who can’t tolerate sitting for long can lie in an air ambulance. In a commercial flight, a patient who can sit in a wheelchair is accompanied by a medical escort who takes care of them until they land. After landing, the medical escort helps the patient clear, then hands them into the safe hands of loved ones or the institution they are headed to.

How Medical Escort Works

Medical escorts mainly transport a patient on a commercial flight in two ways, discussed below.

Patients Who Can Board a Plane

A patient who is strong enough to board a plane can be assisted with a wheelchair, and they can sit up during take-off and landing. Medical escort companies have agreements with specific airlines to transport patients. Hence, making room for a patient will be easy. Most airline medical escort companies arrange for patients to be in particular classes for the convenience, privacy, and sufficient space. This way, a sick person can lie down comfortably after take-off since the seats can be adjusted to beds when in the air.

Patients Who Can’t Sit

If a patient aboard a plane can’t sit up during take-off or landing, the medical team must be creative and find a way to hold up the patient. Medical escorts can use a stretcher in the aisle across three seats for support, which can be achieved in economy class where space is sufficient. It’s advisable to shield the stretcher area with screening to ensure the patient is in place. You need a longer time to plan for this arrangement because it’s not easy.

The Roles of Medical Escorts on a Commercial Flight

The primary role of a medical escort is to keep a patient safe and comfortable, guaranteeing well-being and medical and medical needs. Here are the duties of a medical escort on a commercial flight.

  • Help the patient check in and board to relieve potential stress.
  • Ensure the patient is comfortable in his seat
  • Keeping an eye on the patient’s condition throughout the flight and checking for new symptoms.
  • In case of an emergency, intervention and provision of treatment
  • Providing general care to the patient
  • Administering medications promptly
  • Offer comfort and reassurance to the patient
  • Handling the luggage and any other task after landing

Who Needs Medical Escorts?

You need a medical escort if your condition needs monitoring by a professional medic. This is to imply that regular traveling is unfit for you because you are experiencing health issues. Air ambulances are designed to transport anyone who needs assistance, comfort, and care when traveling domestically or internationally. Here’s a list of the people who need medical escorts.

  • Patients with multiple injuries, diseases, or traumas
  • Seniors
  • Patients with mental health complications
  • People afraid of air travel
  • Patients who need post-surgery assistance
  • Anyone who is dependent on others and is not confident or comfortable flying alone

A medical escort doesn’t abandon the patient after landing, but they transport them home or to another facility. Patient transportation only ends when they arrive at their destination safely and comfortably in the company of a medical escort.

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