Match Shirts & Neckties Effortlessly | Best Dress Shirt & Tie Combinations

Dressing to impress can be daunting, but with the right combination of dress shirt and necktie, you’ll look sharp and stylish every time. In this article, we’ll explore how simple it can be to assemble an ensemble featuring a dress shirt and tie perfect for any occasion. Read on for expert tips on which colors complement each other and the best and most exciting patterns and fabrics to choose from to make an impact.


Chambray is the more refined cousin of denim. It has a soft denim feel but with a light color and a smoother plain weave as opposed to denim’s complicated weave of twill.

  • Do Wear solid knit ties with a tie ring. The thick texture complements the rougher style of the chambray. Wear Wool ties with patterns with a subtle texture, and the way will stand out against the smoothness of the shirt. It will also maintain an informal feel.
  • Do not wear silk ties or any tie that has an appearance of a sheen; they are too formal and appear unnatural against the casual shirt.


The classic dress shirt usually doesn’t appear at all from a distance. The stripes are thin to blend with the eye (thicker “candy” stripes are beginning to move toward the casual side of the spectrum.) Nearby, these stripes are fine and add particular visual fascination because you can discern the subtle patterns.

  • Do not wear any solid, classic stripe or foulard. The lines are smooth and tolerant, so most designs, including delicate geometrics, will provide good contrast against this shirt.
  • Do wear casual neckties. The shirt could appear formal, but it can be casually dressed. Try it out – for instance, knits can look amazing with a striped shirt worn with the appropriate jacket.

Mini Houndstooth

This weave provides the appearance of texture. The mini houndstooth weave appears more subtle than the weave with herringbone. However, the same rules apply.

  • What to Wear: Any design, from simple geometric designs to bold patterns or even herringbone ties! Solid colors are acceptable too, but rituals can create greater visual interest since the shirt is read as solid colors like a men’s purple tie from an extended distance.
  • Don’t wear Knits or any casual tie. It’s formal attire – wearing an untidy tie is as if you were serving baked beans in bone china.

Gingham Check

Gingham is a replica of the classic check, but with a bit less business-oriented and more party-oriented, and it’s not due to the suggestion of picnics but because it features bolder tabs. Gingham is distinguished by an alternate assessment, generally with thicker lines than a traditional check worddocx.

  • Do wear solid ties of any kind; the rules of the traditional check are in place. Wear regimental or university stripes – choose bold patterns over a more refined checked shirt.
  • Do not wear foulards, club ties, or other patterns that repeat beautifully as with traditional checks. You can, however, see the pin dot’s versatility performing well in this instance worddocx.

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