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With Twitter Ticketed Spaces, users have more options than ever before to create and host spaces that their followers want to follow. In fact, research has shown that users who host consistent spaces experience a significant increase in their following. You can also set reminders for Spaces that you don’t want to miss!

Applications are only available on mobile and for people in the U.S.

Spaces are live audio conversations, similar to those in Twitter Clubhouse, but hosted on mobile applications. Users can host one or more Spaces with up to 10 speakers and a two-person co-host. The conversations are broadcasted to everyone, but if the Space is not live at the time of the broadcast, you can schedule a replay later on.

Twitter rolled out this new monetization feature on Tuesday. The new Spaces tab will allow hosts to charge a fee for tickets. These tickets can range in price from $1 to $999, and will be sold through the Twitter app. The new Spaces tab will also include a pause and caption feature.

Ticketed Spaces is available on both iOS and Android, though the initial rollout will be limited to some users. While creators are paid 97 percent of their earnings, Twitter takes a small cut, or 3%. If you want to host a Space, you’ll need at least 25 tweets in the last 30 days and at least 500 followers.

Users can set reminders about Spaces they don’t want to miss

If you have a large Twitter following, you’ve probably heard about Twitter Spaces. It’s a platform that allows you to host live audio conversations. You can invite people to join, ask questions, and participate in the conversation. These Spaces aren’t available to everyone, though. So if you’re planning on using it, you’ll need to have at least 600 followers.

As a way to help creators get their Spaces off the ground, Twitter recently announced a new feature called Ticketed Spaces. This will allow hosts to charge for seats. In return, Twitter will take a cut of the ticket sales. However, the majority of the proceeds will go to the creators.

If you’re interested in hosting a Space, you can start by setting a date and time for the event. Then, you’ll receive a push notification when the time arrives. From there, you can set a reminder, which will be sent to any listeners who have opted to receive them.

Ticketed Spaces offers more options than Spotify

Ticketed Spaces is a new social music service launched by Twitter. The premise is simple: a limited number of users can create a virtual venue. Users can invite their friends to join their space. In the next few months, the service will be broadened to allow more people to participate.

Ticketed Spaces is a service designed to let Twitter users buy tickets to shows. It is available on both iOS and Android. There is a fee for tickets, but the company has said it will disclose it during the checkout process.

Ticketed Spaces is not the first social music service to offer ticketed events. TikTok and Ticketmaster both have partnerships. Clubhouse, another social music service, has announced a “Creator Funds” program.

Spotify has not made clear how it plans to earn revenue from its ticketing service, but the company is experimenting. As a ticketing agent, it will likely collect a percentage of the ticket price, but won’t be required to share its revenues with record labels.

Research shows hosting consistent Spaces leads to more follower growth

Twitter Spaces are an online forum where you can invite followers to join you in a conversation. You can create a Space immediately or schedule one for a later date. A Space can have up to 10 speakers and countless listeners. In addition, you can create a Ticketed Space to set ticket prices and limit the number of tickets that you sell. Once you create a Space, you can share the link with your audience. This will allow them to view and download the transcripts of the discussion. These transcripts will be stored on your Twitter account for 30 days. Then, you can revisit the discussion and repurpose it.


When you’re ready to start a Space, you can choose a name for it. The name should describe the topic of the discussion. If you want to attract people interested in a specific topic, you can use keywords that fit this description. However, if you don’t want to name your Space, you can just leave it unnamed.

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