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Is The Transportation Of Your Embryos Secure?

The concept of cell donation raises significant problems for other facilities for IVF therapy.

Is Transporting Cryopreserved Cells Safe?

IVF patients frequently need to have their cells transported from one facility to another. So, make an effort to get therapy at various facilities. Learn about the various medical alternatives in your nation. Or they wish to transfer embryos for transfer, and the couple is aware of the safety of cell freezing.

Clinic success rates don’t clearly distinguish between successful pregnancy rates between embryos utilized in IVF treatments and those from other sources “at home” or “travelling,” according to the data.

Selecting a reliable forwarder with expertise in refrigerated transportation is the best way to safeguard your priceless goods.

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Vitrification-Assisted Travelling Cryopreservation

A cutting-edge technique for keeping sperm, oocytes, and embryos safe is vitrification. Cryopreserved cells are kept in cryogenic tanks filled with liquid nitrogen for a long time. -196 °C is the temperature of liquid nitrogen.

Sperm, egg cells, and embryos may be stored for years or even decades since all cell biological activities are halted at such low temperatures. It continues to function. Maintaining the container’s temperature during this period is crucial. And shield containers from unauthorized tampering or damage. Cold is comparable. In a container explicitly made for transportation, frozen embryos are kept.

Are Embryos From Other Clinics Accepted By All The Clinics?

It displays how expert your clinic is. Cryogenic transport is now a part of many major medical procedures. And have received or sent frozen embryos before.

The courier you pick to send your cells through, though, is what makes the procedure work. Safe delivery can only be ensured by a carrier that specializes in cold shipment. To speed things up, get in touch with both clinics. Please include any pertinent information. Maintaining containers from when a product is received until it is delivered should be documented.

Your Cryoshipping Courier

Logistics specialists like Arkcryo, who have years of experience and routes in refrigerated shipping, pay close attention to the specifications and rules of each cross-border consignment. Then, work together to solve new issues with clinics all around the world. Utilizing the most advanced technology and being able to move containers with the greatest degree of security will help avoid harm to embryos or other cells.

To answer the original query, yes or no, is it secure to deliver frozen embryos? With a knowledgeable and experienced freight forwarder, the answer is obviously yes.

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