Is Skin Purging Caused By The Use of 10 Benzoyl Peroxide?

There’s a surprising number of people who think that their acne is going to clear up pretty much the instant they start using 10 benzoyl peroxide for the first time. As great as BP is, it does take time to work, and you do have to work at it to achieve the intended results. 

The thing is, it can be tricky to understand whether it is, in fact, working during those first few weeks. You see, there’s a difference between a new round of breakouts and what’s known as skin purging – although they appear identical to each other. 

However, when you know what you’re looking for, it is relatively easy to spot the difference between breakouts and purges. To achieve this, let’s start by looking at each one in is

10 Benzoyl Peroxide Does Cause Purging

There’s no getting around the fact that benzoyl peroxide does cause purging and it’s actually a good thing – as it shows the product is working exactly as it should. This is because it’s a sign that your BP wash is accelerating the skin cell turnover process. 

Also, when compared to the red and angry breakouts you might be used to, purging spots tend to look a look less red and inflamed. Instead, they tend to be flesh-colored and a lot more benign. 

So, rather than stopping using your 10 benzoyl peroxide thinking it isn’t working, you should power ahead, knowing that you’re on the right track. Along the whole journey, you should absolutely listen to what your skin is saying to you. 

Breakouts Simply Don’t Look The Same 

Another way in which purge spots differ from regular breakouts is where they appear. The latter can appear in new areas of the face at any time, whereas purge spots tend to crop up in regular places where you always seem to get acne. They’re also quick to disappear, but the important thing is to keep using them for the duration.

The basic fact of the matter is breakouts just don’t look the same as purge spots. What’s more, the more people that know that fact, the more people would keep using rather than giving up before they should

Understanding Your 10 Benzoyl Peroxide IS Working!

Purging is simply the result of your skin’s cell turnover being increased by your benzoyl peroxide products. It’s a natural phenomenon that creates spots that are less angry, less persistent and less prominent. Knowing what purge spots look like is half the battle – as it’s an indication that you’re on the right path. 

By weeks 6-8 of using benzoyl peroxide, these purges should decrease incrementally until you’re completely free of the problem. The key is knowing that and acting accordingly. 

If it becomes too much of a problem for you, then be sure to avoid using retinol products at the same time. Also avoid AHA exfoliators, as this could accelerate the process further. 

What we’ll finish by saying is that your BP products work and they work for A LOT of people. However, each and every one of those people’s skin will have purged to some degree. So, don’t be put off by its appearance and convince yourself to stop. 

The truth is you’re on the right path and you just need to keep on going. 

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