How YOU Can Stay Motivated at the Salon!

Most salons experience a high staff turnover, leaving the owner and clients wondering whose fault it is. It’s not that salon staff dislike their work, but staying long on a single job can be difficult if they’re unmotivated.

If you own a beauty business, finding ways to motivate the staff will keep them on the job longer and make them more productive. But how do you achieve this? As a business owner, you must find ways to encourage workers to ensure the business grows steadily. Here’s how you can stay motivated at the salon.

Remain Active on Social Media

Social media is one way to stay updated on friends, family, and worldwide matters. A solid following means something interesting about your life that people want to keep seeing, which also applies to salon owners.

Today, almost all salon owners are active on social media, sharing every day’s achievements or new, trendy styles with their customers. An updated page will attract and retain clients while keeping the staff motivated because they have a steady income.

Satisfied clients will visit the page and praise your excellent work, likely attracting more clients. Here’s how to use social media while at the salon.

Exercise Patience

Gaining followers on social media requires patience for the target audience to warm up to the page. You must post lovely images of your work and tag friends and customers with their permission or other flourishing salons.

Create Unique Content

Since you’re in business, you don’t want to ruffle feathers but make and retain networks. Therefore, what you write on social media should be appealing and kind to the reader, who is a potential customer. You can customize your social media pages by creating a template that bears the salon logo and using it daily to post updates.

Work with Clients

Before posting the fantastic hairdo on your client’s head, always seek their consent. They might love a specific style but not appreciate you broadcasting it to the world.


Besides sharing the beautiful hairstyles you do, go further and provide your community with some beauty tips or ways to maintain healthy hair.

Clients will be happy to follow you to learn new directions, and you can be sure that if the information you provide is resourceful, more referrals are coming.

Why won’t your staff be motivated by a booming business and endless clients?

Create a Culture and Stick to It

As the salon owner and leader, you must establish a culture of doing things and sticking to them. Besides writing exciting stuff on your wall, develop a culture like freebies for specific services and ensure everyone follows the trend.

Remember, the customer is always right, and encourage your staff to make clients feel welcome and valued.

In case of a complaint, strive to make the customer feel comfortable by apologizing, then deal with your team later.

Once your employees feel respected and part of the process, quitting will not be an option.

Involve Your Staff in Decision-Making

No grown-up likes being micromanaged. Don’t just wake up and give new instructions without asking your staff for their opinion. Pushing your employees around can kill their motivation and cause them to leave the job.

High employee turnover can affect your business negatively since customers will view you as a bad leader. Also, customers like dealing with a consistent person. You may lose them if they’re attended by a new face every time they visit your salon.

Schedule Regular Meetings with Your Staff

The best and easy way to understand your staff is by meeting them regularly to discuss work progress. You can take it a notch higher by holding conversations with them individually at a specified time and listening to their views.

Whatever issues they bring to your attention, deal with them ASAP.

Ask what would improve the working environment, concerns about the salon operations, and what they think can be done differently.

These meetings will make your staff feel valued and motivated to improve because they are heard.

Give Rewards Where Necessary

Introduce rewards for good behavior, the person who is always on time, whoever completes their work diligently and fast. Although money is essential to anyone, tips don’t have to be financial. Sometimes you can allow them to leave work earlier and still get their full pay or recognize them before their colleagues.

Encourage and Invest in Their Development

Salon workers are professionals who most likely wish to own their businesses. The business is changing by the day, and so are techniques. Therefore, ensure that you invest in your employees’ development by enrolling them in training to remain relevant in the industry. This way, your employees will feel obligated to work hard because you care about their development.

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