Gold Member on Maxim88 Casino: Requirement, Exclusive Deals, and Rank Maintenance

When choosing an ideal online casino, several factors must be considered to make the right choice. Most frequently checked qualities include the available games & bets, customer support, promos & bonuses, payment methods, and user-friendliness of the online casino. Undoubtedly, these are crucial elements to check before signing up. However, experienced players look for more – the VIP offer. 

Maxim88 is among the few online casino Malaysia platforms that offer impressive exclusive deals to loyal members. Becoming a member requires registration. Afterward, you can deposit and enjoy your preferred games. On Maxim88, players bet on slot games, live casino games, sports bets, esports bets, and fishing games. So, it is always about entertainment and satisfying the patrons. As you spend more time betting on Maxim88, you become more eligible for exclusive offers. Learn more about Maxim88 VIP and how to become a Gold Member below:

What is the Maxim88 VIP program?

Very Important Persons (VIP) is a loyalty program that rewards patrons on Maxim88 online casino. The rewards include some bonuses and promos, but they are more lucrative. More so, it gives players access to special offers, higher priority value, and exclusive deals. However, it is important to register and become a member to stand a chance. Also, players need to meet the basic requirement to qualify for any rank on the Maxim88 betting site.

The VIP program includes five ranks. They include “Classic,” “Silver,” “Gold,” “Platinum,” and “Crockford.” It is easier to become a classic member of Maxim88 and harder to achieve the Crockford rank. In fact, you need to receive a special invitation from the Maxim88 enterprise to stand a chance of achieving such a lofty rank. Thus, most experienced players aim to become a gold member with several exciting offers – and perhaps, they may get to become a Platinum or Crockford member in the future. 

How to become a Gold Member on Maxim88 casino?

While most experienced players aim to at least achieve a Gold-rank membership on Maxim88, it is not a free pass. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. Below are the conditions to become a Gold-ranking player in the Malaysia online casino:

  • Complete account registration, deposit into your wallet, and play your preferred games.
  • Players need to have deposited at least MYR 500,000 in their preferred game wallet on Maxim88 within a month. 
  • Identity verification is compulsory before moving from classic and silver to Gold. 

Available exclusive deals for Gold members on Maxim88 casino

If you can manage to become a Gold member on the gambling site, the gaming experience has just become more rewarding and fun. This is because you’ll have access to two categories of offers. Learn about the categories below:

  • High-priority service support

This is arguably the most exciting offer for experienced players who are more interested in the fun than the reward. As a gold-ranking member on Maxim88, the gaming site will give you higher priority when it comes to withdrawal, service support, and deposit. In other words, it will take lesser hours or minutes to complete your transactions. Also, customer support will respond to your questions quicker than before. 

While the maximum limit per transaction (MYR 50,000) is the same for classic, silver, and gold members, it is different from the daily withdrawal limit. A gold member gets to withdraw as high as MYR 100,000 on Maxim88. This is higher compared to MYR 80,000 and MYR 50,000 for silver and classic members, respectively. Meanwhile, you’ll have a designated account manager to assist with your transaction – this offer is not available for classic and silver ranking members. 

  • Exclusive bonuses and promos

Maxim88 categorizes bonuses into four groups, including “Exclusive Bonus,” “Special Rebate,” “Gifts & Treats,” and “Referral Bonus Program.” Gold patrons have access to a lucrative tier upgrade bonus, birthday bonus, and extra maxim88 draw ticket worth MYR 500, MYR 288, and MYR 88, respectively. As for the special rebates, 0.50% slot rebate, 0.60% live casino rebate, and 0.80% sports rebate are available to gold members. These figures are higher compared to lower-ranking members. 

If you can manage to become a Gold member, you get to receive special birthday gifts and festival gifts directly from the company. Also, referral bonuses and free bets will be provided for you and your friends, respectively. In other words, you and your relatives get to position from the rank. 

How to maintain A Gold member rank on Maxim88

It is one thing to become a gold-ranking member; it is another to keep your class. Otherwise, any player who doesn’t meet the VIP maintenance requirement will get demoted. As a golden patron, you are required to deposit at least MYR 180,000 and reach a minimum turnover of MYR 1,800,000 within three months. Also, it is important to initiate a membership renewal every three months. If you can comply with the requirements, you can enjoy exclusive deals for as long as you play on Maxim88 online casino. 


Gold member VIPs are highly respected and well-catered for on Maxim88. This is because you must have played for a long time or be a high roller that stakes higher to meet the required basic deposit. Gold patrons are usually interested in different games. They tend to explore slot games, live casino games, and sportsbook betting. In this way, they get to take advantage of the higher percentage bonuses on different games. Also, a higher priority is given to gold members as part of the policies of the gambling household. 

When you combine these lucrative values with other impressive components of Maxim88, it is difficult to choose any other online casino. Maxim88 makes players see games and bets as fun activities and ways to make quick money by providing necessary support. If you ever face difficulty harnessing the bonuses and services as a gold member, customer support is always on the desk to provide necessary assistance. Feel free to harness the values and gifts from the Malaysian online casino. 

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