APA vs MLA — What to Choose?

When writing presentations, essays, and other assignments, the college will require that you reference your work. This implies recognizing the sources you used to get the information. It is essential to follow the referencing style that you are required to use by your school and not rely on different styles of referencing. Let’s look at a comparison between APA and MLA, two of the most widely employed styles, and then figure out which one is the best to use for your classes.

Citation Format Confusion

Both APA and MLA reference formats are both very well-known and well-loved. Due to this, you might be wondering what colleges do with MLA and APA. The answer is yes. They do use both. The format you are required to follow is decided by the college you attend, as well as the classes you attend.

Although these formats have some differences which distinguish them, there are a lot of similarities that they have that may create confusion between the two. In the next section, we’ll review some of the commonalities and differences between MLA and APA to help you discern the differences between them.

What Does MLA Include?

The style of MLA was devised by the Modern Language Association for referencing sources in academic writing. Since then, it has been utilized in the classroom and by journal publishers, scholars as well as academics in general.

When using MLA, this information is listed in the order they appear:

In referencing text, it is essential to include the author’s name as well as your page’s number. The page number must always be in parentheses. There is a choice of including the name of the writer within the same paragraph or incorporating the author’s name inside the text that is being mentioned.

What Does APA Include?

The APA style was created by the American Psychological Association. It was 1929 when psychologists, as well as anthropologists and business people, met to determine the appropriate style to be used in scientific writing to ensure that it could be read easily by others.

The APA reference method is different based on the kind of source you’re referring to.

When you reference books in the college apa format paper, be aware that the reference style differs for other sources, such as academic journals and websites.

How are MLA and APA Similar?

The most fundamental way that they are similar is that both styles require all data to be listed in the references list at the end of the document. Every reference is listed alphabetically.

Additionally, any work that isn’t your original work has to be cited. If you don’t do this, you will be accused of plagiarism if you’re not sure that plagiarism is the act of using another’s work and not giving credit where it is due.

In both APA and MLA styles, parentheses are used to provide references in an article’s body article.

In addition, when you use the two styles, your paper should have double spacing. This is also true for the reference page. The margins must be at least 1 inch.

Does the Subject of the Paper Matter?

The first thing to note is that many online universities require the use of APA references.

If you’re a student who is studying a wide range of programs (education, computer science, business administration, and health sciences), you should check how to write in APA format free essay example or ask your instructor which materials they would like for you to use.

When to Use Each Format?

It is the MLA format, which was created in collaboration with the Modern Language Association, and is commonly employed in liberal arts programs. The majors for which it is common to use the MLA format are extensively used include literature, visual arts theater, and literature.

The APA format, which was developed by the American Psychological Association, was developed to be used in the behavioral and social sciences. Some of the majors in which the APA style is preferred are sociology, psychology, as well as history. Other fields are where the APA style is sometimes used, for instance, in the field of communication.

1. If You’re A Student

You might be asked to master both styles of referencing during your time at the school. Don’t be concerned about using the incorrect style for assignments. The teacher will inform you of which one to choose. If not, then make sure you inquire so that you do not commit a mistake.

2. If You’re A Teacher

Humanities students generally adhere to their own MLA format, while students in the field of science and research generally adhere to the APA format.

The MLA format is often what is the one that schools focus on.

It is crucial that students utilize a standard reference format throughout the course. This will ensure that it is easy to identify the source of the writer’s work and also ensure that the referencing process is proper.

It is suggested that students be taught the referencing style during high school to ensure they can be prepared for college referencing.

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