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All about Hiring the Cinema for a Personalized Viewing Experience

By renting out the full auditorium for a small gathering, individuals have the chance to attend a film with their family and friends.

In the days before Covid, a packed house indicated a good film. However, because of social distance, movie theatres are only allowed to operate at half capacity.

You have been offered big screen hire at a few of their sites to appease their patrons.

Renting the complete auditorium

By renting out the full auditorium for a small gathering, individuals have the chance to attend a film with their family and friends.

You could view five movies per screen, in a day. Starting at an affordable rate, the prices would be subject to fluctuate depending on the venue and auditorium. The price of the mainstream screen, which can seat up to 30 people, would not burn a significant hole in your pocket, while the price of the Gold screen, which can seat up to 16 people, could cost slightly higher. Based on the number of guests, the venue, the film, and the auditorium configuration, package costs and Audi reservations may change. Booking a private screening requires a minimum guarantee of 15 attendees. The price solely covers the movie’s showing in the privately reserved auditorium.

Even the full auditorium may be reserved by customers for informal occasions. The meal will be made-to-order, taking things up a level. A specific manager would be given to the group. Any movie that is presently showing in the theatre could have a private screening scheduled for customers.

Customers can use the methods mentioned above to request movies that are not presently playing in the theatre, and the cinema will respond with information on if this could be arranged. Based on the choice of theatre and movie screen, the cinema would be made available for an additional fee.

Another choice is to watch two or three films back-to-back, and certain occasion specials centered on this idea are in the works. We are looking at unique methods for customers to eventually return to the theatres with the same enthusiasm and confidence as previously. The idea behind private screening is to provide viewers with new ways to enjoy movies on the large screen while keeping their safety front of mind.

Who can you invite, and how many?

You can choose simply 2 people if you desire a private, romantic celebration for you and your spouse. Whether you want to reserve a large party for twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty people will depend on the theatre you choose and the screen size you choose. However, a movie theatre screen can typically hold at least 20 people. As you proceed through the booking process, the system will inform you of the restrictions per location.

Can you select any movie theatre you want?

You may choose any from the list offered in your region. Rest assured that there have been more additions lately.

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